Lemon Spring are here at your beck and call

So what do we do?

General Cleans

A General Clean will keep your home spotless and immaculate on a regular basis. Why clean yourself when you could be getting on with life. Leave it to Lemon Spring!  General domestic cleaning includes a general clean of hard surfaces and sinks and taps in the kitchen and bathroom. Full bathroom/kitchen clean, as well as general tidying, vacuuming, dusting and mopping in other rooms throughout the home.

Deep Cleans

The main difference between deep and regular cleaning is the scope of what is cleaned. Unlike with regular cleaning, deep cleaning goes into much more detail and includes some techniques which are usually not deemed necessary for regular cleaning.

We work systematically throughout your property, working on your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and studies.

- Dust and wipe every single surface area - Clean cobwebs - Scrub toilets - disinfect all light switches and doorknobs - Dust furniture - Clean window ledges - Make beds (upon request) - Wipe electronics - Ceiling fans - Detailed skirting boards - Door frames - Clean stove/outside oven - Outside cupboards and drawers

Party Clean Ups

Have you ever heard of anything so perfect? No one can deny they love a party of any kind, whether it's a small get together or maybe you're celebrating a special occasion for the family? Either way, that dreaded morning after is something we can help with.
Like having your cake and eating it too.

Tailored Cleans

We understand that sometimes you just need something particular cleaned that maybe you've been putting off for a while. Or perhaps just need the oven cleaned, (as it's been a while). Whatever your needs are then Lemon Spring can accommodate in anything around the home.
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