Stuck at home during lockdown with a dirty home?

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Stuck at home during lockdown - with a dirty home...

Is it okay to shine and wine?

This is for all the heroes right now living in this Covid induced society...yep, these harsh times have resulted in living, working and playing in the same location...HOME.

By all means, everyone has their own way of their upkeep of their palace by either organising mess into a nice little pile, tucked away out of sight or fully in hype mode of ‘clean home, clean mind’.

Either one of you can admit, after a long day of home schooling or just conquering the 9-5 hours to then swivel that chair around and mentally transport into your front room for the evening, the tasks of life admin are not entirely done with for the day. Or ever, come to think of it.

The instructions and safety around reaching for the bottle in your marigolds works like this…

So, as it goes, there are little loopholes into efficiency and fun. As The Tams said, ‘Be young, be foolish but be happy’ and oh gosh don’t we need a bit of light heartedness now and then and more than ever during these times.

Conclusion. Shine and wine, yeh sure…if it’s not an ongoing cleaning ritual. And remember to drink and clean responsibly.

Just a little pick-me-up and is only meant to be read in jest guys!
Stay safe lovelies and hopefully life can return to normal soon. x

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